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As a full spectrum Literary Agency we at Jacaranda are well aware of the importance of high quality editing. As the publishing industry goes through trying times, it is even more critical that the manuscripts authors submit are in immaculate shape.  Whether it is simple proofing and line edits or more complex structural edits, the role of a good editor can be crucial to the success of a submission. If you have a story to tell, we can help you tell it better. We can help you grow the seed of an idea into a flourishing, blooming manuscript and a manuscript into a polished piece of writing. Whether you have a concept, a book proposal or a fledgling manuscript you don’t know how to mould into a book, Write Advice is the place you can look for to give you the right advice.

How we can help you

Write Advice works completely independently of Jacaranda Literary Agency, accepts submissions for all kinds of editorial work and comprises a talented pool of experienced editors. Over the years we have been able to recommend many of these editors to our authors, who have benefitted from their advice and expertise. We believe that the time is ripe for us to open our little black book and share this information more widely. We are excited to have gathered together an impressive international roster of highly professional freelance editors to work on your manuscripts. Your manuscript will be assessed by us and then handed over to an editor especially handpicked and best qualified to work on it. Be it a memoir, a debut novel, fiction for young adults, or a non-fiction title from the field of business, self-help, health and wellness or something else – you can trust us to find the right editor for you.


If Write Advice works on my book, will Jacaranda represent it?

This is not guaranteed in any way. While Write Advice is part of Jacaranda, it works independently. When you enter into a contract with Write Advice, it remains independent of Jacaranda. Any meritorious work that goes through Write Advice may be looked at by a Jacaranda agent, but it does not guarantee representation.

Can Write Advice guarantee that my book will be published?

No, it cannot. We can help you through our editorial advice and work, which will ensure that you have a good manuscript that can be presented to any publisher without hesitation. We know the market, we know what sells and what doesn’t. We are quick to recognize and follow up trends, so we are probably your best shot at a book that is ‘publisher ready’, but in no way do we guarantee publication.

I’m proud of my English, why do I need an editor?

Because book writing goes beyond just that. It isn’t just about the ability to string sentences together, and while that is an admirable talent, it does not guarantee good content and the ability to structure a book or tell a story well. This is where we step in. You may have an excellent tale or exciting content, but if you don’t know how to spin it right, no one will read it!

How soon will my book be published?

This is not in our hands. We do not guarantee publication and we cannot anticipate the pace at which a publishing house will deal with your manuscript if it has been accepted. All we can tell you is that book publishing requires patience, strategy and talent. While developing a good book is of foremost importance, positioning it right, receiving the right reviews in places that matter, publicity through social media platforms, readings and word of mouth, etc., play a key role in the eventual success of a book.

Will my book reach the bestseller list? Will I become a rich and famous author?

We are editors, not astrologers. We have the benefit of experience and expertise; we do not have the gift of Sight.

Manuscript Evaluation

For an author, your book is your baby, and you like everything about it. You may tend to gloss over its flaws and ignore the niggling issues. You may be indulgent. Besides, you are usually so deep into it that it is difficult for you to zoom out to gather an overview. In such a case, having a second or even a third eye go through the book is not just beneficial, it is just what the doctor ordered. Getting Write Advice to go through your book has several benefits. We are experienced and aware of literary and market trends, and can provide a detailed evaluation of your manuscript: do you have a good story arc? What needs to be changed and what should stay? Should the end be dramatically altered, does a character need more development? How is the pacing of the book? We provide manuscript evaluation services for authors keen to get their books published. We go through your book with a fine comb and give you our honest editorial opinion. The only thing we ask for is a little patience and time.

Editing Services

We provide the following editorial services:

  • Structural Edit
  • Copy Edit
  • Ghost writing
  • Translation services
  • Proof Reading
  • Indexing

Services for Self Publishing

This route is relevant for authors who have an entrepreneurial bent of mind. Drawing from our cumulative, more than 20 years of experience, we advise on strategy and put you in touch with recommended service providers to help you with the self-publishing process. We believe that the actual execution should be carried out by the author in order for you learn the process.

Operational – e-book conversion

We can advise you on whom to approach for

  • Formatting your manuscript into an eBook and print book
  • Uploading to platforms and to Createspace (print on demand)


We provide advise on which developmental and copy editors/ proofreaders you could work with for your book.


We have designers on our team and can help you design a cover and other illustrations (where needed). The designer will be provided a brief on your book and will design two to three covers. The final choice of cover lies with you.


We can also help you market your book through the following ways:

  • How to position your book vis a vis numerous genres
  • How to write an attractive author bio
  • How to position your author brand
  • Social media marketing strategies to make your book reach maximum readership
  • Blog tour strategy
  • Book review strategy


Editorial Services:

Depending on what editorial service you are looking at, our fee can vary from SGD800 to SGD5000. These charges are subjective and will usually vary from book to book and depend on the amount of work that your book will need.

Manuscript Evaluation:

The fee for manuscript evaluation will also depend on the details you as an author are looking for. We charge $100 for a brief evaluation and $250 for a detailed evaluation.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Make sure your manuscript is complete.
  2. Send us your full manuscript (in Times New Roman font, point size 12, single spaced) here  along with a synopsis of your book and a covering letter that explains what the book is all about.
  3. We begin working on your book after an initial deposit has been made via bank transfer. You can pay us the remainder due on completion of the service. You will be informed of the amount we will be charging you before we begin working on your manuscript, so you can make an informed choice.

What to expect

Once you have submitted your manuscript and we have accepted it, you will be provided a time frame within which you can expect your book report or edited manuscript from us. It is possible that there are delays due to unforeseen circumstances. In case of such an eventuality, you will be given prior notice of the same.

Our Team

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